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Board of Directors Meeting Notice 
Board Meeting Notice   New!
The next Board of Directors meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at 7:00 PM at the SMWD Offices located at Oso and Antonio.
posted: 3/22/2017
Board Meeting Notice  
Board Meeting Notice  
Manager's Message 
Mosquitos   New!

There has been much coverage in the news about the dangers of mosquitos in the country, for good reason, they are out there. In RSM there has been activity reported by the Orange County Vector Control and local newspapers. I talked to a rep at Vector Control last week and he saw some neighbors having standing water in fountains, etc. Although not all mosquitos are known to live in potted plants and stored outside around the home. I think it is a good idea to remind homeowners every chance we get to inspect their property regularly and empty or remove items that can hold water. Because of the hilly topography of Wagon Wheel there are very few places water will stand for more than a few days, not enough time for the live cycle. The District conducts surveillance in the county, this is from there website:

“The District has about 100 mosquito traps placed all through the County to collect mosquitoes to see how many are in that area as well as to test them for possible diseases they could be carrying (i.e. West Nile virus, St. Louis and Western Equine Encephalitis). Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District uses two different types of traps: a carbon dioxide baited trap and a gravid mosquito trap.” Anytime you think you observe mosquitoes you can call the Vector Control at (949) 654-2421 or go on their website  . The website also has so much information that will answer all your questions.

posted: 3/22/2017
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